Rabobank, The Hague

quote ‘By this approach it comes full circle and it offers a good and healthy basis for a successful team and good future-proof employees.’

business case: Due to increasing automation, competition and increasingly stringent legislation, processes and methods are constantly changing and productivity has to increase. Employee functions come under pressure due to the automation of workstations. Ensure that employees at Rabobank (The Hague region) take control of their own development and use each other’s talents to become more future-proof.

results: With the FutureFit Platform we developed the right FutureFit mind-set so the department remains Future-proof. Together we realized 15%, of which the majority was promoted.

Gemeente Den Haag, The Hague

quote ‘The FutureFit Programma helps us to increase the quality and Return On Investment of our Management Traineeship by making it more manageable’

business case: The Municipality of The Hague has a leading Management Traineeship for WO and HBO students, but they want to keep improving the programma. Users receive their own profile on iSeekMe, a management application developed by FutureFit Platform. We made the personal development of the traineeship data-driven, so one’s personal ambition, satisfaction of management and customers, number of ideas and feedback from the trainees comes together in one dashboard.

results: Stimulating personal development within the group. By introducing the FutureFit mind-set and iSeekMe application – supplemented with offline training – it helps to make the Management Traineeship manageable and measurable.

Mol Industriële Automatisering

quote ‘Our technicians gained more insight and improved their soft skills so they can improve their communication and work more effectively.’

business case: Mol Industriële Automatisering is a family business with extensive experience as a service provider in industrial automation. They place great value on the development of their engineers in a niche market.

results: Stimulating personal development within the team: understanding your own motivation to gain insight into the other from there. Insight = Understanding = Connection

ViQit, Arnhem

quote ‘With the Future Fit Programma our ViQit advisors now have a better knowledge of the personal ambition(s) of their IT employees.’

business case: ViQiT improves IT quality in organizations, with the aim to ultimately improve the entire company. In 2008 ViQiT started with the idea to set up the nicest company to work for and for the ICT industry. Together with FutureFit Platform they wanted to improve on the soft skills of their employees.

results: Due to the FutureFit Programma the ViQit management created 80% consistency for strategy among their IT consultants within 6 months.

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