We are looking for launching customers to turn the HR-world upside down

Apr 11, 2019

FutureFit HR-Cycle project

Performance reviews are often outdated. Do you agree? How should it be?

A performance appraisal gives many employees clammy hands. Discuss with your supervisor how things are going, go after goals and get a score. But the set-up as we know it is increasingly being thrown overboard. There is more attention for feedback and dialogue.

Source: NU.nl – 11 nov. 2018

We are looking for launching customers

We have developed a method for a modern HR cycle based on our FutureFit “learning accelerator” and want to take this to a “next level”. We are looking for inspiring and visionary leaders or (HR) managers who want to participate as a launching customer.

Vision: accelerate by 10 minutes of reflection per day

Create an HR cycle with a user experience that is as simple and accessible as modern social media. Seduce employees to take 10 minutes of their current time on social media to reflect more regularly (and therefore shortly cyclically) and to learn together with colleagues.

You receive: the best HR tech experience

  • An innovative program in which we organize a new FutureFit HR cycle together with a number of selected partners
  • Possibility to exchange experiences with other launching customers
  • Personal coaching and training for managers to support them with this new way of working
  • Access to one of the most beautiful HR-tech applications of the moment: let your employees continuously invest in their personal development

The investment of the FutureFit HR cycle

The investment for the FutureFit HR cycle route is € 100 per employee per month during the first year. After the first year, a fixed price per user per month is applied for the basic software. As a participant in this innovation project you will receive a 15% discount on the user license of the iSeekMe application as from the second year (rate for the license in 2019 is € 10 per person per month, excluding supervision).

All mentioned rates are exclusive of VAT and valid based on teams / organizations of at least 10 employees.

What is FutureFit behavior

People who are able to create value for themselves and their environment in such a way that it inspires, motivates and prepares them for the future.

Important steps for a FutureFit Mindset.

Let’s launch this together

Take the first step to a FutureFit organization. Improve the soft skills of your people, speed up the development of your team. We are happy to tell you more about it!

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